Tuesday, December 1, 2009

whats new

It's hard to keep your head above the water when you can feel the hands pushing you down. all I want is to do what I have been doing with sub's and customers. just today a customer said, "I have felt there is a disconnect between you (me) and the office for a while now and now I know who it is and I'm not happy" I asked him to call the boss (The Micro Manager) and tell him how you feel. I hope he did. I am known as the finisher and the customer wants me to do my job but the little eagle is either holding information or doesn't have or even taken time to look it up. We have two other people in the office that know the little eagle is doing his job on so many levels, if we all together talk to the boss about little eagle he (boss) says we are ganging up on him, HELP!!!!!! how do I get it to the boss that he's to close to the forest to see the trees.

trying to keep my head above water